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Helping the families of people with autism and other special needs to grow and thrive



Personal Development Coach

A trained personal development coach, I specialise in working with families of children on the autistic spectrum. I am passionate about helping parents and siblings to build the confidence, skills and self compassion they need to provide the best possible care - while looking after themselves too. As the father of a lovely little boy on the autistic spectrum, I support my clients as they navigate the many challenges and joys of caring for someone who sees the world in such a unique and special way. My coaching aims to help clients find the right balance between being compassionate and driven so they can realise their full potential as parents/carers and rounded human beings.


“Coaching with Joel has been one of the most positive and powerful experiences in my life so far. From my first point of contact, Joel made it very easy for me to talk to him and to trust him, with absolutely anything and everything. We worked through very simple exercises, which enabled me to have a clear vision of why I react the way I do. What may have seemed like a negative, suddenly became a positive!"

Beejal Gajjar



Bridge Over River