'Joel was a great coach who was brilliant at listening to me and asking the perfect question(s) that would make me stop, think and evaluate how I approached a situation. He was great at having me understand different perspectives, both about myself and those I work with. If you're looking to become an authentic leader I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joel.'

Evan Schiff

General Manager at a publishing start-up

'Coaching with Joel has been one of the most positive and powerful experiences in my life so far. From my first point of contact, Joel made it very easy for me to talk to him and to trust him, with absolutely anything and everything.  We worked through very simple exercises, which enabled me to have a clear vision of why I react the way I do. What may have seemed like a negative, suddenly became a positive! I am now in control of my own life; I am able to prioritise much better, I have more time to myself, I have direction and I have a clear vision of where I am and where I would like to be. Joel, in a very short time, has equipped me with tools to handle challenging situations. He supported me through a couple of very important decisions that I had made and gave me the confidence to carry these decisions through.' 

Beejal Gajjar, catering business co-owner 

'Working with Joel has been incredible.  It has really enabled me to take a wider look at my life and to challenge my own and other's perceptions of who I am and the power I have to redefine long time (and often wrong) images I hold of myself.  Joel has a way of unlocking some deep issues whilst keeping them manageable and 'real-life'.  I found that the space Joel gave me to reflect on my practices, goals and relationships (personal and professional) has been invaluable in relation to personal growth.  Working with Joel to clarify my vision and aims as a charity leader has enabled me to see more clearly how to take true responsibility for my part in building strong teams, having more focus and clarity around what is important and being able to prioritise.  All of these changes have helped me to feel more organised, more productive and importantly for me, calmer. I would recommend Joel to anyone who is interested in investing in themselves.  His gentle, humorous and perceptive approach challenged my pre-conceived ideas of what a life coach is and I feel hugely grateful to have had the chance to access his service.'

Helen Laryea-Dyer

Director, Children on the Autistic Spectrum Parents Association

'I had a really illuminating experience during my time working with Joel. He immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease so that it felt so easy to open up and discuss my life with him. He made sure that we covered everything in as much/little detail as I needed and I made some amazing discoveries with his help. We talked about every aspect of my life, from my personal  life to my work life and everything in between to uncover what really needed addressing. We then went on to make clear goals and worked on exercises to unlock certain things that would help me let go of limiting beliefs. He gave me so much confidence that I can achieve anything I put my mind to and it truly has been a revelatory time. I cannot thank Joel enough for his kindness, patience and encouragement along the way.' 

Stage and film actor